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After a sleep, I feel a bit better.

The sickness has passed, and the pain in my shoulder and chest are gone now - for a while at least.

I can begin to make preparations for the New Year.It's time I thought about rebuilding. 

I think the best way to do that is to reduce the amount of STUFF in my life.

I have went through my various friends lists on a few different sites and trimmed them back. I only want people in my life who contribute anything to it and whom I can count on.

I went through some of my email accounts and cleared them out. I am tired of big inboxes. I want to concentrate on REAL things in my life - not heaps and heaps of spam messages flooding in everyday. When I get a message, I am going to take action on it, then delete it or save it its important.

Finally, I am working through my room and I am dumping EVERYTHING that does not add to my life in anyway. I am shredding old paperwork. I am giving away unwanted gifts. I am throwing out old clothes.

Its a start. If I want to rebuild, I need to eliminate everything from my life that is going to make that more difficult. I am bored with the amount of meaningless STUFF in my life.

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